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Tools services webmasters counters generators scripts tutorials free
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Prana Ugiana Gio & Rezzy Eko Caraka
Statistical Calculator (STATCAL)
Easy Statistical Application Program to Educate

How to Download & Install STATCAL

Download STATCAL

Tutorial Video: Step-By-Step How to Install STATCAL

There are 4 steps for installing STATCAL:

1. Install STATCAL
2. Install R
3. Install R packages using R command source("key.R")
4. Check the success using R command source("check.R")

Tutorial (Indonesian Language)

Tutorial (English Language)

Brief Overview of STATCAL (Statistical Calculator)

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1. Introduction

There are two alternatives to use statistical application program, namely free and commercial statistical application program. Commercial statistical application program such as SPSS, EViews, Minitab, SmartPLS and WarpPLS, while free statistical application program such as PSPP, JASP, Jamovi and PAST (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Commercial and Free Statistical Program Application

STATCAL is also statistical application program which is free. STATCAL is created using R programming language in RStudio using various R packages to perform graphical and statistical analysis (Figure 2).

Figure 2 STATCAL (Statistical Calculator)

Various statistical tests in STATCAL, such as normality, homogeneity, comparison of two or more means, correlation, association between categorical variables, reliability, linear regression, panel data regression, covariance-based structural equation modeling and partial least square path modeling are available (Figure 3).

Figure 3 Various Statistical Tests in STATCAL

You can freely download STATCAL.

2. Data Preparation

First step before entering data in STATCAL is data preparation. Data preparation in this illustration uses Microsoft Excel. Data in Microsoft Excel will be copied and pasted to STATCAL later. Figure 4 is an example of simple data which contains three parts. In part I, there are two categorical variables, namely gender and blood. Part II displays value and label based on part I. For instance, value 1 in gender states male, while value 2 states female. Part III contains two numeric variables, namely height and weight. Based on Figure 4, consider that there are two colors, pink and yellow. Data in yellow region will be copied and pasted in to STATCAL later.

Figure 4 Data Preparation in Microsoft Excel

3. Step by Step to Input Categorical Data in STATCAL

In this part will be explained how to enter categorical data in STATCAL. In the previous section, data has been prepared in Microsoft Excel. Now, data in yellow region for part I and part II is copied and pasted to STATCAL (Figure 5). Figure 5 displays categorical data has been entered in STATCAL. First, consider part of Set Number of Column. In this part is asked to enter number of categorical variable. Number of categorical variable is 2, but it can be filled with 3, 4, 5 or a number greater than 2. This is because perhaps exists addition of variable later. So Set Number of Column part is filled with 20. Second, consider Set Number of Row part. The number of observation is 10. But it can be filled 11, 13, 1000 or a number greater than 10. Enter name of categorical variable in Name of Variable part. The last part is Label. In this part, enters the label for each categorical variable. For example for gender variable, value 1 states male and value 2 states female. For blood variable, value 1 states A, value 2 states B, value 3 states AB and value 4 states O.

Figure 5 Enter Categorical Data in STATCAL

4. Is Correct Your Categorical Data Input?

In the previous part has been explained step by step how to enter categorical data in STATCAL. But, is correct your categorical data input? How to check it? To ensure it, move to Your Categorical Data part (Figure 6). In this part displays again categorical data but the data has been converted become label. Check, is there any mistake?

Figure 6 Examination of Categorical Data Input

5. Step by Step to Input Numeric Data in STATCAL

The final stage is how to input numeric data in STATCAL. This is simpler than input categorical data. Based on Figure 4, copies numeric data, namely part III for yellow region and moves to Input Numeric Data menu (Figure 7). Consider part of Set Number of Column. In this part will be filled with a value representing the number of numeric variable. The number of numeric variable is 2, but in this part can be filled with a number which is greater than 2. In this illustration is filled with 20. This is because anytime perhaps will exist addition of variable. Now consider the part of Set Number of Row. For the Set Number of Row part is filled with a value representing the number of observation. The number of observation is 10, but it can be filled with a number which is greater than 10. Based on Figure 7, Set Number of Row part is filled with 40. In part of Name of Variable is filled with name of numeric variable.

Figure 7 Input Numeric Data

6. Example: Create a Scatter Plot

Suppose we will make a scatter plot like in Figure 8.

Figure 8 Scatter Plot

To make scatter plot in Figure 8, we choose Graph => Scatter Plot (Figure 9).

Figure 9 Scatter Plot Menu

Next, we choose Scatter Plot-I (Figure 10).

Figure 10 Choose Scatter Plot-I

We are now in Choose Variable (Figure 11). For variable height is put at Choose Numeric Variable (Single Choice) (X-Axis) and for variable weight is put at Choose Numeric Variable (Single Choice) (Y-Axis) (Figure 11).

Figure 11 Choose Variable

We are now in Result => Edit Result (Figure 12). In this area, we can edit our scatter plot as we want.

Figure 12 Edit Result

Our scatter plot can be seen in Print Result (Figure 13).

Figure 13 Scatter Plot

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You Can See This Video (Bottom)
Brief Overview of STATCAL

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